My Summer 2018

I booked my very first recurring role! I played a character named D’Nell on The USA Network Show The Sinner, S2: Ep2, Ep6 and Ep7. I play the right hand to Carrie Coon and worked along side Bill Pullman and Natalie Paul. It was a great learning experience for me and I was surrounded by trained and talented seasoned actors who help guide me along every step of the way.

During the filming of The Sinner, I attended John Zimmerman’s Stunt Camp in Orlando, Fl. What an showing leading experienced! I jumped from 25 feet, was set afire, put the fures on other stunt people, I learned how to rappel, fly by wire,  different air ratchet techniques and stunt fighting for film!

Immediately after filming The Sinner, I took a well deserved week long break and flew to Hawaii. I stayed on the big island and managed to leave just before the hurricane hit. I went to a luau, took a night dinner cruise along the island, ate native food at the local restaurants, met wonderful people, shopped at the local stores and made it to the beach every day. My main reason for going to Hawaii was to spread Mom’s ashes in her favorite vacation place, which I did!

In the middle of the summer, I took a quick overnight trip to Atlantic City with my sister and an actor friend to see The Jacksons live! Incredible show! Great course to home quick get away!

Later in the summer, I took a four day, European, whirlwind trip to Iceland, Paris and Amsterdam. I saw the Northern lights in Iceland. I managed to meet with a dear friend in Paris and eat at a local brassiere. I danced at night at the Japaneese light show at the Eiffel Tower. I visited the Louvre, Notre Dame, an opening of an actor art exhibit and ate all things french! In Amsterdam I visited Anne Frank’s House, I lit a candle for Mom in a 17th century church where Rembrandt and his son are buried and I spread Mom’s ashes in a local canal.

At the tail end of summer, I took a week long trip to visit my old home, Atlanta! It was so nice to see friends. Share a meal, see a theatrical play entitled, “Four Women”, honoring the life of Nina Simone.  I also enjoyed spending time with my family. And, of course, I  spread Mom’s ashes in two significant places in Atlanta. In all,  I have to say that The Summer of 2018 was pretty awesome for me!


John Zimmerman Stunt Camp family


John Zimmerman presenting me with my Stunt Camp Certificate of Completion at graduation!

Video of my very first full body burn at John Zimmerman Stunt Camp Summer of 2018.


Hawaii just chilling on the beach!


Giving thanks for the opportunity to travel to Hawaii.


Night dinner Hawaiian cruise.

20180817_143643Got leid at the airport!


My chariot awaits.

20180818_115945Shopping at the local outdoor market. Bought Mom’s favorite flower, bird of paradise.